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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

one little word sneak peek

i worked in my studio on sunday, but, definitely felt like my mojo had left and was worried because i had a project due today. have you ever lost your mojo? how do you find it again....any tricks or tips?

i cautiously walked down to my studio last night worried that i had not left enough time for myself for this project if indeed my mojo was still gone.....but, i reminded myself that if i didn't like what was on the paper- i simply needed to add more paint- more layers- more paper.....

i immerse myself and worked how i would normally work and did not worry about exactly what was going on on my paper; and painted some with my fingers...which always brings a smile to my face.

and slowly, my page came to life and happiness returned. my one little word sneak peek is here....

on sunday i will post my whole project so be sure to stop back and take a look. happy wednesday!

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