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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adirondack chair

my big girl job during the day is working at the local hospital. my facility does a lot of fund raising for Children's Miracle Network. we did adirondack chairs last year, but, i painted the chair for my department i am in charge of. this year- i painted it for myself.

when i was asked to paint a chair again- how could i say no?!.....especially when i get to be creative and do some painting?

 i knew that i wanted this year's chair to be pink and my overall theme would be dream. i still love the American Family Insurance #longlivedreams it and wanted to use that poem.

the piece under the longlivedreams shows how my "wash" of the chair looks- i did a hot pink "wash" on the chair pieces that are more support pieces of the chair. i only really painted the arm rests, the chair back and the 5 seat pieces. in retrospect- i maybe should have painted the 2 other "seat" pieces.....but, at this point it is, what it is.....

i wrote the poem down and put it on the seat of the chair.   i also sanded the edges of the those pieces i really painted- can't have anything looking too perfectly painted....not my style. i like everything to look a little worn and loved. when i was completely finished, i varnished all of the pieces and let them dry hard.

and then, here is how my whole chair finished up i just hope someone in our community loves my chair enough to want to spend their money and buy it.

i am so thankful my husband is handy....he put the whole thing together for me in the garage! which is no small feat!


  1. Hi Kristin. Thanks for sharing a great idea. I would never have thought to incorporate something like that into outdoor furniture. I'm envisioning adding a poem to a piece. Just lovely! ~Lori


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