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Sunday, April 27, 2014 are it!

i managed to sneak in some much needed studio time yesterday before the prom activities started. i had signed up to participate in a tag swap and needed to get my tags done.

i love saving the tags from clothing to use for this type of project. the kids clothes usually have the best tags, but, i have gotten some good ones from mine as well. i have a little stash of clothing tags that i dug through to find some base tags to use yesterday.

i loved the shape of this one with the cut corners.

this long skinny tag was perfect for my next tag....i used my gelli plate to produce the black and white back ground. i used washi tape and stamped tissue paper to create the background for this tag and then, used a scrap piece of paper with the hot pink flash as my pop of color that this black and white tag needed. and, finished it off with the perfect book words- "a new kind of tag."

i have to say though....this last tag i have been saving for some special inspiration because of the words on the back of this tag. i selectively painted out a few of the words to leave the sentiment that i was looking for: "translation: special techniques to apply inks, dyes, and details that means differences. it's all intentional, make everything original.

i made the background and then, added the heart. i stitched up the edges and added a little dash of black fabric. just a note because this was regular book paper i added another scrap of paper to the back where the fabric was to add support for the stitching- otherwise, with the repeated stitching it would have easily ripped through leaving my fabric unattached to my paper.


  1. The colours & words on your tags are inspirational Kristin! TFS!
    Alison x


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