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Friday, April 25, 2014

all about priorities- keep the focus and enjoy

i have been feeling stress out because my usual studio time normally falls on the weekends when things are a little calmer around this house. the work week is just that- work, school, sports, appts, etc....there seems to be endless things that are supposed to be accomplished in the work week.

however, the last month of weekends has been action packed especially with our daughter playing in a spring volleyball season and balancing her track schedule with this as well. so while we were at a track meet again last night, this morning when i was looking at the "familyswag" pic that our daughter took on snapchat to share- it reminded me that i need to take a deep breathe and enjoy the hectic crazy action packed time because soon enough....she will graduate and all too quickly behind her, our youngest son will be quick on her heels and also graduating.

i have to say though- my beloved husband does not understand that snapchats are for your "bad" self are not supposed to look normal and be smiling!

so here to maybe squeezing out just a couple minutes in the studio this weekend....although, saturday is prom- so definitely not that day!! happy friday!

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