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Friday, April 4, 2014

new stock will lead to creativity

do you have a favorite place to order your paints and creative supplies from? where do you shop? i love getting my order from Cheap Joe's mainly because i love seeing the little warnings like above! who doesn't want artistic growth and more creativity?!

i had also ordered from Dick Blick's and had finally gotten myself some of the golden fluorescent paints and a carving set. did you catch my stamp i made the other night? i am soooo loving my carving set!!


 i couldn't take it and had to try a little of everything on a page to see how it looks and feels. loved everything i ordered from both places and have high hopes for some time later today and tomorrow in the studio......happy friday.

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  1. I'm a Blick gal -- found they're less expensive than Cheap Joe's on a lot of stuff. I have an order enroute as we speak. I love what you did with all your new supplies. I should try doing that!


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