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Friday, April 18, 2014


i had received a package in the mail yesterday from a friend in california. she had sent me a goodie box as a thank you for a book cover i had made for her. check out the outside of the box....i loved the main focus of blue and the red "priority mail" coming through.

she had said that she was sending some goodies....some- the whole box was stuffed full of such wonderful paper goodness and a few fabric strips that were adorable!

i absolutely loved the chinese fortune that she put into the box- that was the sweetest thing! when i spied that on the top of the pile, i knew instantly that i would have to put that into my Documented Life moleskin for save keepings.

i was so inspired by this fortune, i have been meaning to thank someone else for a while now- and today is it- inspiration has come.....and i am going to make something for this very special person and get my unexpected gift into the mail.

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