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Monday, December 23, 2013

weekends work

we had a busy weekend preparing for the holiday this week. we made cookies and goodies until they were coming out of our ears.....but, my husband and i had a great time.

although, have you ever had a time when you thought you had picked up everything from the store? saturday it was almost getting ridiculous.....i must have gone to our grocery store 3 times.....the last time i was hoping that staff had changed shifts so no one would know i had already been there....but, low and behold, there was one older gentleman who was still there- busted!

on sunday, i did manage to sneak down to the studio for just a bit.....i cleaned for a bit so i can actually see my counter- which had not seen light in a while; but, slowly putting things away, my fingers and brain could not simply put stuff away- i had to make something and i did need a thank you card.....and i could just whip one up.

i also wrapped the last of the gifts that were waiting. and almost had forgotten, that when i had purchased an art supply gift for my mom, the journals were on sale....and since i was already ordering and shipping- i thought i should add those on to the order.

i am getting ready for 2014.....i bought a couple different sizes and one has black paper.....

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  1. Love your post today!! Your holiday treats look yum! My studio seems to be in the same condition these days....just stuff everywhere, and when I try my best to put things away, it usually leads to making something which means more things get pulled out! Enjoy your holiday!


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