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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Son of a beehive....

Hi mom. .. This is the message I got after giving my I-pad to my youngest son. He graciously figured out how to post and pull pics on my ipad in less time than it takes me to brush my teeth. Yestereday I used his computer to post to my blog- which he was NOT excited about; so he wanted to make sure I had another option....bless his heart!

So my lesson learned here, is if there is any doubt about my technological skills- I seriously need to check with my is crazy how I can hand them any device and it is so intuitive to them. But for now.... I am just so happy to be able to post to my blog again! On my own device!

This is one more sneak peek at my mixed media painting for one little word. Happy Thursday!


  1. Happy Thursday to you. Yes, the kids have it over us by a mile, but I have learned a trick or two over the years and for that I am eternally grateful. xox

  2. Your post makes me laugh so hard, as I am in the same boat with my children!! They can figure everything out!


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