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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Here is the current view in my studio..... I have been sewing up a storm with the occasional painting/ mixed media session fit in between sewing sessions. But with all this working going on in my studio- I have not been putting anything away.

And when I say I have not put anything away- I mean it. There are layers of stuff. You can almost tell what I was doing by the layers of stuff piled on the counter. Holiday magazines for inspiration, fabric, art journals, paper scraps, gelli plate, stencils, and more fabric...

I am playing hooky tomorrow from work- So I should be cleaning up my studio tomorrow with a day off, but I was invited to go play at another artist's studio for the day. And who am I to pass up an invite like that? This girl will be ready to go in the morning with bells on! No cleaning tomorrow!

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  1. I completely understand this view...sigh....completely!! Take the day, go and play....this lovely view will wait for you!!


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