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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

woman or man?....

IMG_2760 by alteredstatesstudio
IMG_2760, a photo by alteredstatesstudio on Flickr.

i apparently have been really sick this past week and finally went to the doctor on sunday to find out the good news was that i did not have pneumonia- only bronchitis with a pleural rub (which means when i breathe, and my lung moves, it sounds like sandpaper rubbing together....).

physically, of course, i am the woman; however, after 22 years of marriage, it is clear that i am the man in the relationship. my husband reminded me that he started insisting that i go to the doctor on thursday or friday for sure (this basically started on monday.....), and when he is sick, he lets it go only about 2 days, and then, he is into acute care to see what is going on and get checked on- not almost a week of being sick and just now thinking the only reason i am going to the doctor is because my chest is killing me and i can't breathe. oh, and not to mention the fact that my mom had also called sunday morning to see what was up, and when i said that i had not been feeling good and my chest mom said, "get off the phone, and get to the doctor! i will call you later to see what you have!" so, with a husband and a mom telling this woMAN to get to the i went.

now on the couch today for a second day, not feeling too horrible, except my chest still hurts, and heaven help me if i have a coughing fit (oh, my aching back- my chest explodes with pain with that), but, hopefully getting better (i don't have time to just sit on the couch). 

are you the woman or the man in your relationship? i am the woMAN, and i am too busy to be sick, if i just keep plugging away and am still upright, then, i must still be ok; i am more the overall picture- but not really wanting the fine details and to get caught up in those; i don't like talking about feeling (cuz i am sure, i don't really have too many feelings anyway, so what is the big deal?!- and who wants to talk about them anyway!); and i like pretties, but, not too damn many....woman, man?

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