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Saturday, June 30, 2012

stretching and growing

let me introduce you to mr gerald brommer. he is who i spent the last week with, along with about 20 other people taking his class.

our first day was all about line and shape. i am normally not much of one for sketching or drawing, but, i needed to give it a here is one of my first.

this was also from the first day now with my color shape. i was feeling the abstract.

this was from day 2....the color is actually collage papers that were tinted with watercolor.
this was from day 3 and one of my favorites!! i actually had someone who wanted to buy it from me at class, but, i was selfish and kept it for myself.....

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  1. oh Kristin, I love these. The sketches are amazing. Powerful lines. Love it so much!


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