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Monday, June 4, 2012


this original painting hung in both galleries that i am in but did not find another home. sometimes whispers tell me to re-work painting....which is what i am in the process of doing now. the words on the painting, were part of the original painting, and, i wanted to keep those. i was thinking i was almost finished with this and then, decided to layer the white- it was quite bold underneath. while contemplating what i had just done, i noticed the purple india ink....and decided that was needed too. 

i loved the circles, but, before they were really in your, with the layering i like how the circles softly come through. i love how the purple ink ran- this particular layer was really  wet.. i will show more after letting it "cook" for another day or two. happy monday!

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  1. oh Kristin, this is so perfect. I love the shades of purple and lavender on it.


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