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Monday, June 18, 2012


lesson in patience.....i had this idea for a painting for my new kitchen and somehow in my head the vision is layered, lovely and perfect. however, (and this is where the patience comes in), my painting and my style are not ones that come in the first swing through. probably not even on the second or third-(i normally lose count)....and when i am thinking "holy cow this is ugly" and let it sit and "cook", then, somewhere deep within i hear the whisper of what to do next. what layer of color i need, or layer of ink, paper, pencil....and very slowly, i usually come to something to i like. so after a rocky start, my painting was whispering for turquoise and india ink. the ink may have gotten a little OC. can you tell?...but, i sure did have a good time. stop see my kitchen painting and see what my fuss is about.

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  1. I admire so much those who are able to get their hands dirty while painting or who hand paint... I am so organized when I am painting I hardly want to get my paint brushes dirty ;-)


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