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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

happy wednesday

bomp, chicka, bom, bom....dropping my beat-i'm kidding, but, seriously- music makes me very happy. there is nothing better than a good song- and i really don't care what type it is. i just know that for what ever reason- that song moves me and makes me feel better. songs have the ability to bring me right back to their time and place- with some songs, i am taken back and i can be cruising with my boyfriend in a totally hot car, or hanging out with girlfriends, dancing like mad fools because nobody was watching- but, i know at least how it makes me feel. when i am having a bad moment, or day- and i hear a favorite song, i can't help at least smiling; and the older the favorite song- the better- those are my "classics" and it doesn't get better than that!

click on the link....this would be my all time favorite- my techy son downloaded it onto my phone for me- "cuz itz all bout the ringtone"; and you can ask any of the three what their mom's favorite song is- and they will tell you, probably with a roll of the eyes....but, i don't care; when i hear this song- i am smiling from ear to ear and happy!

happy wednesday!


  1. hi! happy to have found you. love that you are married to your high school sweetheart! me too :)

  2. "Talk about about about it!" Yeah, baby! I'm with you on this sista' -- the world would be a less happy place without music and dance! I love my ipod and I am periodically adding songs form my teen years that have such ridiculous lyrics, but transport me right into a happy, happy place. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Oh yes!!! This is a classic singalongtoetappingbigsmileinducing number - love it!

  4. totally with you on that. music can save lives!


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