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Friday, September 22, 2017

sometimes truthfully it is better in black and white.

i have been struggling to make it to the studio to do anything. between work and home projects that needed attention before the weather really time has been nil.

so much, so that doubt and that fragile personal artistic view of what i can do was creeping in to tunnel my vision at the worst time as i have deadlines coming.

wanting to find some inspiration and push myself out of this funk- i realized i hadn't posted this face. maybe for various reasons (damn doubt)....but, it is interesting and raw. 

and to be honest...sometimes that is all that is needed. nothing close to perfect or pretty. but, to add some quirky artist randomness, i had used this page for whatever reason as a color palette testing out colors along the edges. silly girl.

black and white.

the rawness and shades of grey.

sometimes the best.

stumbling  through this dark tunnel.

happy friday.

xo. kristin

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