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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

colorlust {bday card}

total infatuation with these colors

quin nickel azo gold & paynes grey

and the simplicity of the card

mailing off this birthday card with a little something along with a huge care package. so weird that we wont be there on his birthday. weird. i know....not really. he is at college and is supposed to leave home at this age....but, he is the youngest and i am still adjusting.

the whole empty nest is strangely nice at times; and just empty at others.

xo. kristin


  1. Stunning! mine are 6 and 10, so my nest won't be empty for a bit.

    1. Hi Stephanie! Enjoy those kiddos now- the time goes quickly!! :)

  2. absolutely love this! I too used to send art to my kids at school! :) I also love my little piece of art from you!

    1. Hi Jane! You are most welcome!!!! I was hoping that you would like it! I love those colors together and wanted to include a little something extra for you. Thank you for our friendship! XO


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