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Monday, August 1, 2016

sewing swag {custom make-up bag}

i had been saving this fabric ribbon with the rooster for something special. 

and this custom bag for a very special friend was it.

this is the front of the bag.

loving these recycled t-shirt green circles.

this is the end cap and matches the small ruffle on the front because everything needs a bit of black.

this is the back. i had saved the fabric design edge and thought it was just what this bag needed.

the bags are all completely custom. i don't use a pattern, rather just cutting what i need and matching it up to fit the needs of the person.

xo. kristin

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  1. I LOVE the free motion stitching! I like to experiment with different shapes for bag designs, too. The colors + playfulness of your bag pulls me right in. You're a brave chica for not using patterns!


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