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Monday, August 8, 2016

i resume my normal blog {art journaling}

busy week, this past week.....
  • move all furniture out of living room and family room- check
  • remove old carpet- check
  • have new pad installed- check
  • have new carpet installed- check
  • 2 kids to oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal at 630 friday- check
    • tend to pain meds- check
    • provide soft food- check
      • cook more soft food (running out of ideas....)- check
i have the periscope app and have watched several other people live on periscope and really liked it. i recently watched Mystele's video- she was so cute and inspired me to try it.

i had to try a couple of times and some kind soul told me "this sucks."

so a bit gun shy now...we shall see.

so, if i have learned anything, it is that not everyone will play nice in the sandbox.

this is where my pages ended...and i like them and to me- the pages most definitely do no suck.

happy monday. 

xo- kristin


  1. Someone actually said that to you!? Shame on them. Don't stop because of another person's hateful heart. Please!

  2. If you like them, and had fun creating them, then that's what's important. I think they're great! The suck commenter was probably jealous.

    1. Thank you!! Hearing that is such a good reminder! I will keep plugging away, but, maybe not on periscope. :)


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