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Monday, August 15, 2016

rethink everything {art journal}

rethink everything you know about art journaling.

  • think hot mess; why does it have to be neat and clean?
  • or planned out? i try to be a planner, but, it never works- so no more planning; move in the moment and go with how you feel and react right then
  • if you glued something down, who says it has to stay on that page? rub, peel and rip that back off. that rubbed off paper stuffs looks great on other pages
  • gold makes everything look good; sprinkle that shit everywhere

want to learn about color, collage and mixing mediums; movement, layers and mark making?

i will be teaching an art journaling class called Art Journaling Statements  on august 27 and 28 in Watertown, SD at Jennifer Stone's fabulous studio. there are only a few spots left. let me know if you are interested.

happy monday.

xo- kristin 


  1. LOVE all these little bits of art today..wish i could join you for the class! You have just inspired me to go out and get some of that gold shit! lololol

  2. haha!! :) yep- i am telling you....sprinkle away! thanks Jane! xo


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