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Monday, January 4, 2016

word {2016}

over the weekend, i noticed that this leaf had fallen off of the main plant, and had managed to sprout in the dry water tray. i was so surprised and taken back by its' perseverance and its' ability to endure. it had purged itself from the main plant and survived, and in fact, had managed to flourish.

take the begged. be reminded.

i have been contemplating this whole word of the year. many have crossed my mind. tossed away. ....difficult to land on any one word; although, one word is begging to be chosen.


i have been on a roll throwing things out. feels good. unnecessary "stuff." i feel very deeply that i need to continue this purge. remove the excess that is not needed.

feeling that same way about my studio. purge the unnecessary. get to what i need. focus. 

artistic facts. what are those anyway? purge and find primal painting.

the leaf reminded me that even if you aren't with the rest, it will be ok. you can flourish. so purge.


  1. Good word, clear space for those new ideas. Happy New Year. xox

  2. excellent observation - I like the word Purge - I could certainly use it myself! Happy New Year!


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