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Thursday, January 21, 2016

art journal {sprinkled}

i can hardly wait..... tomorrow at this time i will be packing my bags to fly out to Seattle for an art class. i was even able to breathe a sigh of relief as i had gotten a confirmation that my box of supplies i had packed and mailed arrived safety and has been picked up. i owe a special thank you for the help!

and back to the task at journaling. these pages....gesso'd up. 

layered with vintage collage papers and then, bring on the acrylic and hi-flow paints. 

wet, dry, pick and peel.

and once i had a bit of stuff down, i spied the bag of paper dots trying to hide behind my table light, and knew immediately that these pages needed to be sprinkled with happiness paper dots.

sometimes i wish i could just sprinkle those dots everywhere. they just make me happy. if you do not like finding paper dots almost everywhere shouldn't use these. most will stick to your pages- but, i guarantee you will find paper dots in unlikely places.....just saying.

love the flow of dark on these shots....

vintage paper, paper dots, much happiness....

love the reveal below.

and this corner below....much love.

happy thursday!


  1. Have wonderful time in your art class! Can't wait to see what creative things transpire!

  2. Wonderful inspiration! I love the idea of emptying out my hole punch onto a page! Beautiful colour inspiration too Kristin.
    Happy weekend, enjoy your class!


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