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Friday, January 15, 2016

a few of my favorite things

one week from today (but who is counting.....), i will get on a plane and head to Seattle for Layers of Movement art class by Katie Kendrick. i cannot tell you how excited i am go be going! 

so in preparation for class i have been stocking up on a few of my favorite things to ensure i had what i needed for class (at least this is what i told my husband....). we are to be painting big- at least a 30" x 30".....because i am flying and having to mail my stuff, i may paint a bit smaller at 20" x 20" but, i took this opportunity to stock up (for class).

Katie asked that we bring a 1", 1.5", and a 2" foam brush and a couple of rollers. i was snooping around at Dick Blick's and found this whole bag! because who only needs one?!....

and, we were supposed to bring stick charcoal in various sizes- this fit that bill perfectly! (again from Dick Blick's)

Katie specified this Lyra pencil. super excited to used this as i have not had one of these previously. have you used one of these? does it sit and stay on the paper? or will it bloom with water? may have to try it before i pack this one.

grabbed a few more Stabilo pencils. absolutely love these!

these are some of my favorite hi-flow acrylics. if you want a really nice neutral- that is also transparent- it is the shy Shading Grey bottle that is 2nd from the right. it is by far my favorite- hands down.

happy friday!

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