Kristin Peterson: mixed media, collage, painter, artist

Monday, October 26, 2015


i was re-working another painting and had my paintbrush full of fluorescent pink and when i looked down at this painting- i just had to touch this painting with the pink as well.....

i actually was pretty happy with these paintings and had pulled out the varnish to put a coat on until i decided to use the pink; but, i have to say, my reaction to the draw of the colors and the need to touch this painting was a "personal reaction" to colors.....and i couldn't be happier.

below is one of the two full panels. when i had visited with local high school students a few weeks ago- the teacher had asked me if i paint by my reaction. and at the time, i thought, i am not even completely sure what you are asking me- because i am usually painting by color combos at the time, and know what my next move will be; but, i got it. this painting was essentially done, and the pink was totally a reactionary move to add the color.

but, i like it....


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