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Friday, October 16, 2015


working on wooden cradles....2 to be precise. a mix of gesso, acrylic paint, charcoal and high-flow ink.

this was going to be strictly monochromatic.....but, i can hardly maintain that.

love the texture of scraps and marks...and layered words written into the gesso and with pencil.

it is always interesting though, because i was beginning to think i was almost done with these; but, seeing the pics.....the pieces look "not done." so back to the studio and it will be time to pull up those big girl panties.....

you know that stage- you really like what you have and may be afraid to go and push further cuz you may ruin the whole thing?! this is where the big girl panties come in....pull those up and push that uncertainty aside and be brave to get to the next level. i think alot of times pieces are not "successful" because i didn't keep pushing to get to the next level.

back to the studio......happy friday!


  1. Love it!! Yes, I know that feeling all too well!! Good for you!
    Sheila in Denver


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