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Sunday, January 4, 2015

starting the year with homemade stamps

looking around on social media i have been so inspired by the many pics and posts of others making stamps. i couldn't take it any longer and had to break out my own carving utensils and make a few for my myself.

and now that Christmas and New Year's is over, i am getting ready for valentine's day! how can you resist some hearts? and maybe a little "be mine"?

only thing was, i was thinking that i had remembered to reverse the words before putting the "be mine" onto my rubber....but, sadly to say, my first attempt resulted in a backwards, i did try again- only to discover that my "n" was still backwards (OMG...really.); but, no one is perfect and maybe it will be more quaint. right?.....

after my two attempts with letters and words....i needed something way less complicated apparently and moved to hearts; creating two small hearts. i used a large $1 eraser from the dollar store for my "be mine" stamp. these work great because usually you can do two different stamps on each side- or, like me, if you make a mistake on your first attempt, you can flip the eraser over and start again.

you will see in the pic above, i again, used a small eraser that my kids no longer use and just broke in half to allow for two stamps. the small erasers are not thick enough to allow for two stamps on one like the big erasers.

the one thing i will warn against when using erasers is that i cannot guarantee how the stamps will hold up long term- so, the erasers work great if you are just starting out with carving and do not want to invest a bunch once you purchase your carving tools; or if you like making many stamps this option is good for many.

so, will you all still be mine?.....

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  1. carving your own stamps is a fun thing to do. I've made a few. I remember the first one I did was a tree and I was quite pleased with it until I used it and realized that I hadn't noticed I needed to decide if I wanted the background to print or the tree to print. I had done it backwards. It was still cool, but not what I had intended.


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