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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

thinking of hearts

moving through this cold, wintery month of january and thinking ahead to february and valentine's day.

i love making valentines and my kids are too old now, but, i still found myself making valentines.... so i am selling valentines in my etsy store. each valentine is original- similar to its' friends, but, different all the same.

so do you need a few personal handmade valentines? maybe special ones to give to the grandparents or an aunt or uncle? or maybe you are tired of those mass produced cartoonish valentines?

i have just what you need then. yep- got 'em all stacked up!

i even kept it simple on the backs....just a "to and from" so you still have a small space to put your message to this very special someone.

the valentine's measure 3" x 3.5" and currently do not come with envelopes, but, if you need envelopes- be sure to message me and i will whip some up for you.

happy wednesday!

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