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Sunday, December 28, 2014

homemade wrapping paper

i was needing to wrap up some gifts for work and wanted a special touch- so i decided to make some homemade wrapping paper to use along with my tags and charms.

i had a roll of vintage player piano paper and used that as my substrate. i wanted something that was a continuous roll so i could paint a large area and then, cut into strips to use on my packages.

the lighter blue color is actually paint, and the other colors added were a spray ink. some of the ink i sprayed directly onto the paper, and others i used a stencil. i also was not concerned about going all the way to the edge of the paper. if you look close to the right hand side you will note the words for the song. i did not want to paint over that- i wanted to be sure and save that edge so the person receiving the gift could see it and i thought the neutral color of the paper was a nice contrast against the colors.

the longer runs in the paper made it slightly more fragile to work with and did require me to use extra washi tape when attaching to my packages; but, i figured that was part of its' charm. i finished the wrapping up by adding one of my homemade tags and charms to each package.

each gift was similar yet different and made just for my employees.

i loved the way the whole packaging came together for these gifts.

hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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