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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

worked like a charm...

recently i spied an idea from Alisa Burke using sculpey clay to make package charms. all pics here are of mine....

i followed her instructions and the baking the instructions on the clay and made a handful of Christmas package charms....and i am so excited to share!

i bought an off-white, red and black sculpey clay to make my charms; but, there were a ton of colors to choose when shopping at my local Michael's store.

the packages of clay seem kind of small but, i was able to make many charms from one package. the clay is divided into 4 strips of clay. when i made my charms, i used about 1/3 to 1/2 of a strip to make a charm. rolling it into a ball and then using my fingers to then work the ball into a flat shape. once flat, i stamped into each one mainly using my new stamps from Rae Missigman. i also punched a hole into the charm so i can tie onto packages.

when baking, i lined my pan with parchment paper and baked according to the directions.

once the charms were done baking, i let them cool and then painted with black and white acrylic paint. i wiped off the excess paint off of the surface, leaving the acrylic paint to stay in the stamped shapes- hi-lighting the shapes. i was curious what they would look like using colored acrylic paint- so i tried a turquoise; and gold ink, and finally spraying with several dylusions inks (but, only one color per charm- sticking to a color similar to the clay- so i used red, pink and orange sprays with the red clay.)

the charms look juicy and so colorful....just loved how they turned out. i did dab off some of the ink to help in the drying process, but, the charms held a lot of their color and the gold really added a nice pop to these charms.

i had so much fun and plan to make more! but, wanted to share in case you would like to try this yourself!!

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