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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

bingo card trees

i have a thing for bingo cards....okay, games in general; although, i don't necessarily want to play them....i just seem to collect them. i love vintage games and all the pieces and paper that came with them. and, if the papers were used and put back into the box...even better!

i was actually looking for something else when i stumbled upon my stash of bingo cards- immediately prompting a creative synapse that became the bingo card trees.

i used paper and fabric scraps and do-da's to create this tree. i stamped words on cotton and put a different word on each tree finishing the tree off with a sari ribbon hanger.

merry wednesday!


  1. Those turned out so cute. I'm going to have to do that. I have lots of old cards I can use.

  2. Fan-tastic! I still have the bingo cards you send me a while back, one blank. I don't want to use it because I can't find them where I live! xo


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