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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

thankful for FB friends

i do not remember why i was so resistant to join FaceBook, but, i have to say....i have met even more wonderfully creative people! i cannot believe it took me so long to get with the program...i was so missing out!

in the past week i have received 2 very wonderful packages of mailart and i am feeling so very thankful to have met these wonderful women! the package below even came all the way across the sea!

my studio space will be adding both of these to my space....brings me happiness and smiles! and again....feeling just so very thankful! happy tuesday!


  1. So happy my mail arrived safely😃

  2. I am happy to find your blog and I hope to see you on facebook! you love the mixed media ... I love it and alsolove explain my feelings .. see you soon!


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