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Friday, May 23, 2014

TGIF and ready for some tending to....

so thankful that today is friday and the weekend is quickly approaching....i had listened to a 21 secrets lessons from Rachel Olson Awes. she had talked about tending to ourselves. if you are a mom/ wife- we tend to put everyone else's needs ahead of ours.

part of the lesson was to draw and doodle and to come up with our list of we would like to tend to for us. i have been trying to come up with my list. so here are a few things i am hoping to tend to this weekend....

  1. paint my toes (they are in desperate need!!)
  2. sit in the sunshine and do nothing but enjoy some very nice weather 
  3. paint- and see the paint on my fingers...makes me so happy
  4. sew on paper and catch up on graduation cards- just love doing this
  5. dance in my studio space when no one is looking :) who doesn't love to dance?!....i so love doing this!

you may have already seen the doodle before- she is one of my favorites. i seem to just love her look- she seems relaxed and happy- like she is looking up just a bit to the sun, and letting the sunshine just cover her face....i thought she is what i will be trying to capture this weekend.

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  1. Kristin love this post and totally dig your lady, face tilted back for a touch of the sun's warmth. Have a fun weekend. Have just discovered your blog and I like it :-D


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