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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


i am participating in an ATC swap this month. i had not done any ATCs in a long time....had a great time- although it took a bit to get back into working so small....i have been working in various sizes of art journals and canvas, but, even those have been at least 4" x 4". i used playing cards as my base to start all of the ATCs. i layered either tissue paper or paint to get a base down first.

here are some sneak peeks....this first one is actually the last one i worked on; by this time i was feeling like i was finally hitting my stride. love the stitching and lace and the phrase i found for her....

i had been saving men's neck tie labels for something good- and it happened to be to land on my ATCs. this has a sewing theme with stitching and a paper top circle from some thread up in the right hand corner.

this was my first ATC i made and i do really like her. i love the painted window screen...little rusty, layers of paint, and the broken edges.....i had bought the metal tags at a flea market...saving it for something good. she seemed appropriate. i have had this stamp forever- so glad i had her...she is cute and i don't always get to use her.

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