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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


i am apparently tired of my living/ dining room colors. i am totally dreaming of either an orange or brown for the living room and i am thinking either a turquoise (blue or green?!) or a very pale grey for the dining room. i am liking the orange in the foreground and the grey at the very  bottom; but, i still like the turquoise strips i have laying there....

we have an old house (turn of the 20th century) and we have alot of wood work. both of these rooms were "redone" when we first moved in, but, we have lived here now for almost 12 years this spring.

i don't really want the colors to be something "trendy" that really isn't my goal. i just want a little lift and something different. what color is your living room? or do you have an opinion on my colors? let me hear from you!

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