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Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY tape

 i found this project that you could make your own decorative tape (now i am sorry, but, i can't seem to find the link....) anyway, they used a two sided tape and papers. the tape they had used was expensive and they had ordered it online. i am too impatient for that and went to my handy dandy hardware store and promptly found a double stick carpet tape. so this is what i used and it worked great! then, i simply picked whatever i wanted to use as tape for papers. i used newspaper print, scrapbooking papers, and had made my own paper which is what is pictured below. the only trick is to make sure that if you are using a paper that only has one side- make sure you are sticking your tape to the white side so the decorative side is what is showing!! (hate to tell you i learned that the hard way....but, yeah....hard way). so when sticking the tape to your paper, make sure it is the white side and then, trim the edges if need be. i used the tape in an art journal, but, it could also be used for collage, scrapbooking- the ideas are only limited by you- so think outside the box when using your homemade tape!

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