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Friday, February 3, 2012

snow; or the lack of.....

we live in the midwest, and denver is bracing for a "monster snow storm" today- flights from our area to denver have already been cancelled....but, where we are- snow has been a rarity this year strange enough. our kids have been praying that the snow will venture north and hit us as well....

i had gone for a short walk yesterday (cuz it was again a beautiful day) and noticed this little snowman- he was just barely above my knees. he was so cute. i thought he also symbolized our winter and snowfall this year with his size.

now we still have the rest of february and march to get through, but, comparatively speaking- last year at this time, we were trying to figure out where to shovel our snow to because the piles were so high- crazy! how much snow do you have this year?

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