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Friday, February 4, 2011


well winter can be done...except, for basketball. i could watch basketball until the cows come home- oh, good thing they are all frozen in place and won't be able to get, onward with basketball!!

tk plays center for 8th grade, and was asked to step up and play with the freshman team. tk and a guard. what great experience for the girls and the freshman have been so welcoming which is nice, because i know how not nice girls this age can be. tk got to play more tonight and put up some points...we even had one set of parents that said that tk played really well and was a nice addition to their group (proud parent moment...). keeping life busy for us, but, fun...

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  1. oh, how i miss those basketball game days!
    our youngest is going to be a senior in college so it's been a while.
    BUT, we watched two of our three play all four years of their high school (the eldest was all about football - lovely)

    you should be very proud of your daughter! jan


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