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Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year

twenty eleven...what are my aspirations for this year? what are your aspirations for this year? i'm not going to use the word "resolution" because i feel like that is supposed to be a fix for a problem and life is way too short to worrying about all the problems. i want to focus on dreams, aspirations....

my aspirations for 2011:
move more, as in exercise...focus on keeping my body in shape
declutter- get rid of the junk- everywhere! if i haven't worn it- gone; if it is not being used- gone; if it just hanging out cuz it doesn't have a better spot- gone
do more art...just go to the shop and turn on the music and let it be- but, much more often
focus on family...keep everyone engaged- life has gone so fast
find my balance...stay focused and keep doing something (this is for you Gramma are already missed every day). gramma always said- her idea of hell was having nothing to do; the pic is from our art show this fall in november...

what are your aspirations?

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