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Monday, April 4, 2011

life...with kids

a proud moment last week as track has started. tk had run on both saturday and monday. did outstanding considering she is only 8th grade and was running against the "big" schools...sioux falls, sioux city, omaha. i am not sure how in the world we fit into that category, but, good to see groups we don't normally see and compete. after monday, our oldest son decided to trade golf for, has been practicing. tomorrow we will see. i only pray for each of them to do their best...and good weather.

life has been busy...sometimes i feel like i almost get lost in the kids vball, track, after prom...i need to step back and grab my husband- he is coming, just not as quickly as the mom. i just want to be a part of their lives and what they like and to enjoy in the things they do well too.

love it.

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