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Friday, March 17, 2017

nude {drawing}

ventured into the big city to meet my mom and go to drawing last night at augustana university. there is something about being in a classroom setting and using the wooden seat and drawing your model. 

the pic above is one that my mom and i shared. we each had drawn ours and then, part way through we traded to paint on each others. a joint effort if you will....

and this last one, is all mine. i have gone to drawing in the past and quickly learned to not judge {myself} while at drawing. the artist to my right worked in pastels and of course, managed to capture all of the soft loveliness of our model in beautiful shades of neutral. of course.

i know my limitations and chose to work to the top of my abilities. and those are line, simplicity and color. i don't want to be a photo realist. 

i am a mixed media, abstract artist. 


tgif. happy friday- happy st paddy's day. 
xxxooo. kristin

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  1. Kristin this post gives me goosebumps. I truly love what both you and your mom created. But yours is so special. Seeing it on instagram earlier and now ready this - I just cannot believe that you say you have limitations. This captures everything. I love the simpleness that you put onto paper. It might just be that we can't accept the way we are. I have so many hurdles in front of me while creating because I always think that others won't like what I make. I've been told this many times. Trying to do only what I like, they way I want to. Capturing what I feel inside. That's the beauty that I see in your art Kristin ♥ You capture what you feel inside.
    xo Michelle
    P.S. Not only did I sign up for a class with a nude model (unfortunately I didn't get to go as they were overbooked) - it was also to take place last night. We have some connection that is beyond this world { goosebumps here too }

    1. Hi Michelle- yes, i believe that we have some other-world connection as well. two of a kind we seem to be even with the miles between us. i can't believe that we would have both been taking a drawing class- that is a little crazy. thank you so very much for your kind words Michelle. i truly appreciated it and brought goosebumps as i read it. thank you. xo- kristin

  2. Quite wonderful and free. I would recognize your style anywhere. xox


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