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Friday, March 3, 2017

a gasp, u-turn {unexpected act of kindness}

this past weekend i happened to be in texas and we went exploring on sunday. we had made a quick stop in a small, but very quaint town called johnson city. 

when we left johnson city heading for fredericksburg, along the way we passed this totally awesome barn. i did a gasp and said- we have to go my husband kept driving.

and a short distance later, he did a u-turn and we were heading back. 

what a site, in all of its' white-dreaminess. i want to live there. seriously.

i love it all...... there were rusty-cool trucks parked on the yard....

open porchs.....

and i can't forget the best planters! full of veggies and flowers.

and-  if all of this wasn't enough....the clothing.....i was looking at the clothing and had tried on an apron and discovered a light spot on the front. i didn't think it really detracted from the piece, but the sales gal said she would have to check if they had another one.

always looking for a good deal, i asked if i could just get a discount. when the little gal came back she said it was mine. mine? what is the discount?

the owner and creator of the clothing, Magnolia Pearl, was downstairs and gave the apron to me for free. free. 

thank you for your kindness. feeling so blessed.

a gasp, u-turn, and an unexpected act of kindness.

xo. kristin


  1. Have you never heard of Magnolia Pearl? My goodness, God blessed you that day. Soooo happy for you!!!! What a trip you must have had. ❤❤❤ Post a picture of your "apron", please.

  2. That is what makes the world go round. LOVE
    xo Michelle

  3. You're in my " neck" of the woods. That's how it rolls in Texas;) ­čî╗Laura


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