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Monday, November 21, 2016


i had the opportunity to teach an art journaling class a week ago in sioux falls, sd.

this was my class minus one who took the photo and owns the space (thank you Jayne!). these ladies worked so hard all day on art journaling. 

we talked about foundational concepts for art journaling and how to use those and when to break the rules. i shared some of my own secrets and how to really just have fun and make the art journals their own.

gesso, collage, paint, ink, charcoal.....

i was really worried about teaching this class for one day. it really should be 2 or 3 day class to really demo and allow the students to try.

this past saturday i met one of my student to share some art supplies and she gave me the best compliment ever.... she is a successful watercolorist and she told me i changed her artist world; that i changed how she looks at things and really opened up her view.

really?!.....pinch me! i feel so blessed to have come this far and to have the opportunity to do this.

xo. kristin

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