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Friday, November 11, 2016

pocket page- backsides {tgif}

i was having some technical difficulties with my computer this week.....we weren't talking to tell you the truth.....but, nothing that an 18 year old boy can't fix apparently (and thank goodness....).

i made another pocket page for a swap. i of course, could not find my actual cards. why would i want to find my decks of cards- especially since i know i have at least 4 decks?, i made my own from sturdy paper. but, could have been a bit more sturdy so i finished both sides.

these are all of the backs of my cards that i made. recipe paper, receipts, bingo cards, written in old vintage book paper, scrapbook paper, and of course, a bit of my new homemade paper.

one of my favorite pieces is that mr. sweet potatoes.....makes me laugh.


xo. kristin

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