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Monday, April 15, 2013

sympathy card

i had a dear friend lose her father this past week- (we are too young to have to start this and she is much younger than i am....). i made a card to give to her at the visitation.

the cool thing about this card, is not only did i get to use my new stamps, but, i found the best paper with the perfect message. i the past few weeks, i have been creating with my new stamps from Paperbag studio and had been doing different things, and apparently had started this for something and set this paper aside and had not used it.

so when i starting making this card, i had gotten the paint down and stamped on it, and was trying to decide what i was going to do next, when this paper with the perfect message stood out, begging to be used on this card.

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  1. honestly, your sympathy card is the best balm for a hurting heart. full of friendship and love...


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