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Thursday, April 25, 2013

rolodex file card art, more...

i am obsessed with making art on these cards....i can hardly wait until i have done all of them....if you are wondering what i used on gesso, acrylic paint, book paper-words, washi tape, and of course my mixed media essential stamp with white craft ink! (remember these stamps go on sale next week- May 1.....)

i received good news last night....i had agreed to "teach" a high school art student who was looking to expand her horizons outside of the classes found at school. she had applied for a grant to work with an artist and cover the costs of materials- and she got it!! (truth is,....i was willing to do it without covering the cost of materials...i was honored just being asked)

we had sat down and talked about what she was hoping to achieve and learn. i promptly went home and came up with 6 main topics with objectives for her after our discussion. when i got done writing this i was looking it over, and thought- "wow, i want to take this class..." i hope that i meet her expectations and that she not only has a good time, but, learns something along our way.....
we are going to work on the following:
  1. art journal
  2. armature/ sculpture
  3. found object assemblage
  4. acrylic painting
  5. collage
  6. encaustic

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  1. wow Kristin, now this is a unique creative project. I have never seen it before.


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