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Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer kick off

well, it is now official- at least in our little family world....summer. we went to our car show/ swap meet that always signals summer. we got up early and headed up- 3 hours in the car; but, it's always worth it. my organized, ever vigilant husband got some good deals on needed parts; our oldest son learned the trade of bargaining by manning our stuff and selling; our daughter decided tanning was the best thing until she realized she was burned; our youngest son devoted his time to photographing the scene and i was along for the rumble in your chest, the smell of burned rubber, and some awesome looking rides of the dodge, plymouth, and chrysler kind. i did not come home disappointed. nothing like the smell of rear end grease and rubber to get this girls heart pumping. you see the trusty camera guy and his lovely assistant.

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