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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jumping off...

Well, that was way too buying your first house, except without all the ink for signing your life away. I am stepping off my secure, safe ledge and into the unknown- hopefully on a most wonderfully creative adventure. Many things have lead to this culmination, and then, the step.

If you have not picked up the second Artful blogging magazine- I highly recommend it!! It is the most interesting display of blogging- many different types and ideas. All of which are totally inspiring in their own way. My magazine is earmarked with the ones I had to check out- that is always how you will know if the magazine was a good one. If the corners are turned- really good! In this addition I found a person with a wonderful sense of life and inspiration. Her colorful pics and inspiring words of life can be found at curiousgirl-lisa

One of the other things I (we- my mom and I) are going to try is the wreck a journal. You had to have a blog to be followed of course. So, we will see how this works...... wreck this journal

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