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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

charming challenge

are you participating in Roben-Marie's charming challenge?.... she is doing an affirmation alphabet that she turned into charms. 

these are a couple of charms i have made so far..... the round is a metal circle key label and the small square below is an inch by inch mini canvas.

sometimes you have to be brave to come to the studio and work even if you are not inspired; or you have to be brave to post your work on social media (heaven knows my style is not everyone's style).

but, participating in the art community is worth it. i have met so many art friends over this art journey that makes it worth it all..... you are my community that means so much to me. 

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  • just being able to share my work (and of course.... only the good stuff- haha! the rest goes under the counter to be gesso'd and used again and we are not going to talk about that mountain....)

love the little stitching on the canvas and the little paperdoll.

here is to you- my community.

xo. kristin


  1. So them so far....a noxious to get home...ready for a little personal ( or group/dual); playtime.

  2. LOVE them and the cute little circle is adorable !

  3. Love your charm!!! Love your artwork!!!! I'm not sure why, but your website takes forever to download. I have not had that problem with any other site. Many times I've given up trying to see your website because of that. Not sure if it is just me or what!


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