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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

more simplicity {cards; 2017 word}

two more simplicity cards.

i have been contemplating a word for 2017 as i have watched others choosing theirs. i was thinking maybe i wouldn't choose one this year, but a repeated word keep surfacing.


we recently had a water issue, and as we were cleaning and washing- i kept thinking to myself....why do i have this? i have not used this in how long.....(and this isn't even in the regular storage area). dang it.

every time i start thinking i am going to just get rid of stuff, i look through to repackage and then think, oh- i really like this. but, i don't have a spot for it or i'm not using it any more.

time to share with others and just get rid of it. no opening boxes; or open boxes, just to add to and unless it is some sort of a family item and i haven't used it.....gone.

this would be my word. and more importantly, my goal for 2017.

have a word for 2017? let me know.

xo. kristin

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