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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

sharing {art journal}

working the paper; scratching, clawing for creative freedom. i love how the scratches take the next layer of paint. new again. bright. showing through the graphite and dark. little pops. makes you want to hold the paper closer. see. 

tore through in the upper left hand corner.... sharing paint to the page before. 

other side of the journal. and i love how the masking tape is there 'cause it is not needed; and worked. holding up, but, not really completely staying stuck. eventually, it may stick the the other page and when the book is opened. it may pull paint from the otherside. working together. sharing. 

water? alcohol? something sprayed when the paint is not quite dry. lift. rub, wipe. love the texture. sharing a glimpse at what was below.


xo. kristin

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