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Monday, June 13, 2016

delipaper art

 i had taken additional pics with my phone, but, my computer is not working with me this morning and i cannot get those to download?! (*#@!!) sorry......

i am using a square sheet of deli paper. i did order my pack of deli paper off of Amazon; and there was a variety of shapes and sizes.

i then gesso'd my sheet using an edge of a credit card just like i would for anything else i was working on- paper, canvas, wood, etc. it doesn't have to be perfect and i do not do the whole sheet; most simply the main area of where i will be working.

i then used a stabilo pencil to do the initial face. i also used hi-flow acrylics and regular acrylics. i did use gold ink and charcoal and went back in with the pink pastel when i was very close to being done. i also used just a black ball point pen for some scribbled face line and lip and eye details and a smidge of collage papers.

happy monday.


  1. nice! I did not think about actually painting on deli paper. Will you affix it to a canvas?

    1. Hi Stephanie- I was actually thinking i may try to affix to paper and make a journal. I am planning on making a few more and then trying the journal- so stop back! :)

  2. I just started a couple of paintings on deli paper. I think it might be my next favorite substrate next to Yupo. Your painting is amazing so beautiful.

  3. Love this idea and your art is gorgeous. I think I'm going to try some faces on some deli paper that I've saved from the last time I used my Gelli plate. Thanks for the great post!


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